The Easiest Way To Get Your Laundry Done

With the implementation of the new Speed Queen phone app, laundry has never been easier! You’ll have access to view the activity within the store from anywhere in the world, you’ll have the option of paying the machines with your phone versus towing around a pocketful of quarters, you’ll have the option of receiving a text message when your wash/dry is complete, you’ll earn reward points every time you visit, and much more!

State of The Art Equipment

State of The Art Equipment

After a full store renovation and a complete equipment upgrade in early 2022, we now boast both the largest washers and largest dryers located in the area, and our quality is unmatched!

Come in today and see exactly what sets us apart from the rest!

Our Vision

Going to the laundromat doesn’t have to be depressing and an agonizing experience. At Clean Jeans Laundromat we believe by modernizing the laundromat experience in a way that simplifies the entire process, and by providing an atmosphere where its customers can feel at home versus a dark and dungy cave, we can slowly erode the negative stigma surrounding the laundromat experience.


Aside from a more welcoming atmosphere and simplification, it all begins with safety. At Clean Jeans Laundromat, safety of its customers and their families is our first priority. (17) 4K high-definition cameras surround the area, both interior and exterior, blanketing the entire property from which its footage is monitored and recorded 24-hours a day.

Other Services

Aside from our new-and-improved self-service process, we also offer these additional options:


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For more information about our laundromat and services, please do not hesitate to reach out to us anytime. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.