Helping You Get Your Laundry Done in an Instant


With a strong ratio of machine sizes, Clean Jeans Laundromat has the washer and dryer that can accommodate anyone’s laundry needs. Washing machines range in size from 20lb to 80lb and the dryers range in size from 30lb to 75lb, making both machines the biggest machines available in Azle and the surrounding metroplex!

All of our washing machines have 18 different cycle variations with 3 optional cycle modifiers, making laundry completely customizable to meet the requirements of each and every load of laundry. With the preprogramed soap buckets on top of each machine, you simply load your detergent, softener, and bleach (if applicable) and the machine dispenses each product at precisely the perfect time without you even lifting a finger! And saving the best for last, each machine has been upgraded to best-in-class water extraction, and spin at a whopping 200G forces to ensure that every ounce of excess water and soap is removed, reducing your overall time doing laundry and giving you more time to live your life.

Whether you have socks and underwear or a king-sized comforter, we have the dryer for you! With the best-in class BTU output and with our one-of-a-kind automatic cycle rotation feature, your clothes will be dry in an average of less than 30 minutes. And with our free auto-fluff feature, your clothes will never be wrinkled if you happen to be a little late to the folding table.

Drop-Off Service

Drop-Off Service

Clean Jeans Laundromat now offers a full-service, worry-free laundry experience! Whether you have 1 load or 10 loads, stop by today and have us take a “load” off your shoulders. With same-day and expedited service available, we can get your laundry completed on-time within even the tightest schedules. Come see for yourself today!